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Five Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

One of the most important features of your house is its roof, and you have to examine your roof for damage and other problems. The best way to do this is by taking care of it year-round. We all know that we can’t predict when a storm will strike and damage our roofs; roof repairs can be pricey- but there are some things we can do to help extend their life!

Here are five tips on how you can keep your roof in great shape for many years:

Clean Gutters

When gutters are clean, they can carry water away from home. But when clogged with leaves and debris, they become a magnet for moisture that wicks up into your roofing system. That is particularly true of homes built before 1978 because most pre-1978 roofs lack waterproof membranes to protect against perforation by snow or leaks.

Clean gutters are not just an aesthetic issue; they’re a structural concern as well because clogged gutters force water to flow over the edge of your roof or down its face instead of away from it. That can lead to water damage and eventually rot in some places on the exterior walls, particularly around windows and doors where water-soaked sheathing is more likely to spoil.

A clean gutter also reduces water pressure on your roof, making it less susceptible to leaks when ice forms under the asphalt shingles in winter. Ice dams are bulges of ice when the snow melts off the edge of a sloping roof and refreezes at the eave. The weight of the ice can pull shingles loose and lead to leaks into your home’s interior.

Remove Leaves And Tree Branches

Choose a calm, dry day to clean your roof. Remove overhanging limbs and leaves from gutters or downspouts first, so they don’t fall back on the top.

The best method to clear debris with a rake—but be careful not to damage shingles as you work. Extend the handle of a leaf blower for easy reach onto the steepest slopes. Use long-handled tools such as rakes, brooms, and shovels if you want to avoid leaning over too far or standing on one leg while climbing up ladders. Call a professional to get your trees trimmed.

A telescoping pole will help those who are tall make it even easier! It also helps reduce strain by decreasing bending time which can cause muscle tension in the hips, spine, and shoulders. If possible, work from a ladder or scaffold. Check for roof damage when you are finished, and patch any holes in the flashing before they trap moisture into your home’s structure!

Eliminate Moss

Moss, who loves shade and humidity, is one of the most common roof contaminants. It can grow on several types of roofs, including shingles, slate, and metal. You can remove moss from a top with a pressure washer or scrub it off using detergent, muriatic acid, and water. However, both methods have drawbacks: The chemicals may damage the shingles, while high-pressure washing wastes thousands of gallons of water each year.

A better solution is to prevent moss growth in the first place. Start by choosing an appropriate grass species for your lawn that doesn’t like shade as much as most common roof mosses (there are several varieties available). Next, set up fans on your roof vents for proper ventilation, so they pull air through them when it rains; otherwise, moist, cool air stagnating inside will create humidity conducive to black algae growth. Finally, fix any leaks in your roof and gutters; this will keep moisture from accumulating on the surface.

Since moss is a plant, not a fungus or mold, it can be killed with chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Mix one cup of it into each gallon of water you use to spray wash the algae off your roof. This method takes some time; only apply new bleach every two weeks for best results. If black algae have become pervasive enough that pressure washing doesn’t eliminate all of it, call in an expert.

Prevent Ice Dams from Forming

Ice dams are caused when the snow melts from your roof, then refreezes at the edge of your roof. Ice accumulates and causes water to seep into your home or business through gaps in shingles or around chimneys.

If this happens over a long period, it could cause structural damage by shifting beams and framing while driving mold growth due to moisture saturation.

The best way to prevent ice dams is by creating hot air space between the insulation on your attic floor and the roof sheathing below it, preventing heat transfer which will keep snow melting off instead of freezing back onto itself, forming an ice dam. Creating an air space will also help prevent other roofing problems such as mold and rot.

Time To Time Professional Inspection

A professional inspection is an excellent first step in ensuring the long-term safety of your roof. Professionals have the expertise and equipment to assess every square inch of your top thoroughly. Professionals know how a functioning roof should look and what problems may arise over time, from the attic to the shingles to the flashing and gutters.

Roofing contractors with experience working with roofing materials will be able to recognize any concerns that need to be addressed. That can prevent a small problem from becoming a significant issue later down the road or even lead to identifying an actual leak before it becomes one. A professional inspection is also helpful as you may not always notice things such as water stains or leaks that can cause significant damage if left untreated.

A professional inspection will also give you peace of mind when selling your home. The buyer may request a roofing inspection, and they need to know everything about the quality of their potential purchase.

Hassle-Free Roof Maintenance

Secured Roofing is committed to customer service and providing you with peace of mind. With our exterior maintenance services, we can take on all your roof repair needs without the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors or worrying about the quality of artistry.

We’ll inspect your property for any problems, provide a quote that will be customized to suit your budget and schedule, then get started right away! If you want more time inside while still getting peace-of-mind protection outside, make sure to contact us today.

Secured Roofing is a locally owned business that delivers quick, reliable, and prompt roofing services. When you hire us, you can be confident that our team will communicate a detailed report of our roofing process. Whether you need a repair, installation, or any other roofing service, we’ll handle it for you with ease.
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